Our Vision

To be a distinguished civil society organization in Nigeria working in partnership with all tiers of government, private sector and international development partner organizations in community development; operating responsibly and delivering outstanding service to the poor, less privileged and internally displaced people regardless of sex, age, religion and race. To engender educational development, poverty reduction, job creation and food security.

Our Mission

- To change the pattern of sole dependence of the poor, refugees and the less privileged people on the government by reactivating and engaging their enormous endowment through educational programmes of discreet nature.
- To improve the lives of the economically disadvantaged people through education.
- To improve the per capita real incomes of the less privileged households within our sphere of operation by establishing moderately standard indigenous methods of educating them for economic empowerment.
- To instil in the minds of the poor, less privileged and internally displaced people as well as other youth and women groups a new and better approach to life other than tendency towards crime and violence (de-radicalization towards extremism).
- To complement the effort of the government in community development by ensuring education development of the poor and less privileged people and encouraging more of these people to be productively engaged to engender job creation, hunger elimination and poverty reduction.