16 Kuje Farmers Enrolled on a Practical Session on Sustainable Farming Methods and Practices by Life Builders Initiative

Economic empowerment is one of the seven thematic work areas of Life Builders Initiative.  In a bid to empower rural communities with sustainable agricultural practices, Life builders Initiative recently mobilized and supported a team of NYSC Corps members of the Agro-Allied CDS group to enlighten and educate Kuje IDP farmers on using agriculture to reduce poverty and expose their minds to viable areas for income generating opportunities e.g. fish farming, animal/ poultry farming and crop farming.

The Kuje IDPs were also educated on adopting sustainable farming practices including using local farming methods, for example the application of ash on farmlands to reduce soil acidity, the application of ‘oil pour’ or used engine oil, as the case maybe, on animal skins to reduce tick infestation on their animals, and how to identify best soil types for cultivation and prevent soil erosion.


LECTURE SECTION: farmers being educated on poultry, livestock farming and land cultivation

sabin 1Sabin 2Sabin 3 Sabin 4

QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION: corps members and farmers having a question and answer session.


Sabin 5 Sabin 6 Sabin 7 Sabin 8

PRACTICAL SESSION: A cross section of farmers being educated on soil types, how to increase farm produce and reduce erosion.

Sabin 9 Sabin 10

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