Orozo IDPs benefits from our Open Day/Medical Outreach and Economic Empowerment Programme

Orozo IDP Camp is under the Abuja Municipal Area Council and located along Nyanya road in the Federal Capital Territory. This IDP community has a population of about 400 people (72 households with men, women and children).

Life Builders Initiative, as a non-governmental organization, identified and started its relationship with the Orozo IDPs in August 2015.

In recent times, a prevalence of contagious infections has been noted among the Orozo people, and which warranted urgent community medical assistance. It therefore became imperative to reach out to the Orozo IDP community with possible free medical services.

Life Builders Initiative holds an Open Day/Medical Outreach every month at a selected Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Abuja. As a proactive measure and in line with one of its seven thematic work areas, an Open Day/Medical Outreach with Economic Empowerment programme was held on Friday, July 29, 2016 for the Orozo IDPs.

A total number of 75 internally displaced persons from the Orozo Community were attended to during the medical outreach, while 61 persons participated in the economic empowerment programme.


The outreach had in attendance the following partners, organizations and Individuals:

  1. Life Builders Initiative (LBI) – The staff of Life Builders Initiative and volunteers from its sister organization- ‘SHARON’ were actively involved in general administration for the program.
  2. Refreshing Waters Initiative – led by Mrs. Victoria Olaitan who gave relief materials to the women in the community.
  3. Volunteers from National Youth Service Corps- Of the corps members invited by Life Builders Initiative; the team of which was led by Dr. Abdul, we had 4 Medical Doctors and 2 Pharmacists.
  4. Volunteers from LBI: Five Corps members volunteer from Life Builders Initiative were in attendance.
  5. NYSC SDGs Skills and Advocacy Sub groups: 30 Corps members from the NYSC SDGs Skills and Advocacy Sub groups taught the IDPs how to make money by engaging them in the following skills to enable them fend for themselves. They economic empowerment package included how to make: Air freshener, Bleach, Insecticides, Disinfectant, Liquid soap and Powder detergent.

The Orozo IDPs being attended to by Doctors


The Orozo IDPs receiving drugs


Mr. Tobi Olaitan, Brand Development Officer of LBI addressing the people

During the Skills acquisition session facilitated by the NYSC SDG Skills Sub group for Economic Empowerment


The Orozo IDP Camp’s Chairman being Interviewed


The Orozo Women Leader bringing out the Clothes donated


Orozo IDPs with drugs


The Secretary of the Orozo IDP camp giving a ‘Vote of Thanks’.


Mrs. Victoria Adeayo Olaitan, Director of Refreshing Waters Initiative carrying the baby of an Orozo IDP

Mrs. Victoria Adeayo Olaitan, Director of Refreshing Waters Initiative carrying the baby of an Orozo IDP


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