Community entrance sign post

Community entrance sign post

Education, as recognized in UN convention on the rights of a child, is a basic human right for all children of school age. A child who has access to quality education has a better chance in life. A child who knows how to read and write have a solid foundation to take on the future. Education is a powerful tool by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty and participate fully as citizens.

In recognition of this fundamental human right, as adopted in the Constitution of Nigeria, Life Builders Initiative visited Kutara/Tataradna community and assisted by providing school uniforms to 23 students, we also ascertained how the material we provided for school uniforms had been put to use. LBI on arrival met the chairman of the community (Mr. Adamu Dawa) who took us through the school to see and assess the uniforms on the children.

Kutara/Tataradna is a resettlement area hosting a population of 459 persons in the community, made up of 72 households. It is about 7 kilometers away from Masaka Area of Nasarawa State.

Education for young adults formed the core value of LBI, it has been proven that for any society/nation to be better, its teeming young population must be equipped with learning skills that will enable them to make proper decisions in life. This formed the basic reason why education for the poor and vulnerable is of great concern for Life Builders, hence, the education intervention to the said community by ensuring the education of the young children irrespective of race, gender, religion or ethnicity.

The support is not limited to the provision of uniforms alone, Life Builders equally takes responsibility for fees of about 120 pupils of Kutara/Tataradna Community School, also additional new materials have been handed over to the Chairman to be sewn for the remaining 70 students in the community.

Responding to the gesture done for the people of the community, the Chairman Mr. Adamu Dawa, as well as the Pastor, Rev. James K. Tumba expressed their deep appreciation to the organisation, thanking Life Builders Initiative for the support in ensuring the education of their children as well as the health needs of the entire people of the community.

They, however, called on all well meaning individuals and organizations (public and private) to come to their aid to support in other areas of needs such as the teacher’s welfare.

Other areas of needs that require attention can be seen as follows:

– Total of 189 students in school who are in need of learning materials.

– They have four classrooms with 4 unpaid teachers. (all qualified/trained teachers).

– More teachers needed for these various class structures Kindergarten, pre-nursery, nursery 1,2,3 &4.

– Need for desks (seat) for students and teachers in the school to facilitate learning.

– No learning materials in the school for both teachers and the pupils.

Some of the students a teacher, the head teacher, community leader and another teacher (L-R)

Some of the students wearing uniforms provided by Life Builders Initiative, a teacher, the head teacher, community leader and another teacher (L-R)

pictures of students with community head and head teacher, awaiting new uniforms from materials provided

pictures of students with community head and head teacher, awaiting new uniforms from materials provided

A class room with no furniture for learning

A classroom with no furniture for learning


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