Our interconnected world demands that we not only understand our country, but also have knowledge of nations, cultures, languages, and religions around the globe, it was based on this that Life Builders initiative launched the Global Citizenship Club at the School without Walls on 7TH of December 2016 which was followed by a training for instructors on the 20th of January, 2017. The club had it first club meeting with the pupils of SWW on Friday, the 27th of January 2017. The team of instructors; which included teachers and volunteers was headed by Miss Ifeoluwa Olatunji-David, the Program Manager of LBI was warmly received by the staff of SWW for the lectures.

It was an interactive class as the pupils in their various classes were seen interacting and singing with the instructors in their class, some of the things they were thought include:

  • Who is a Global Citizen
  • How to become a Global Citizen
  • The meaning of UNESCO
  • Why they need to become Global Citizen
  • The benefit of becoming Global Citizen

At the end of the lecture a new slogan “we are all human irrespective of our tribe, culture, and religion” was formed as the pupils were chanting it in their classes.

The Goal of Global Citizen Club is to empower learners to engage and resume active roles both locally and globally to face and resolve global challenges and ultimately to become proactive contributors to a more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and sustainable world.

The club meeting would hold every Friday at the 2 School Without Walls learning centers, which are located at Camp David , Durumi, Area 1 and New Kuchigoro, where we learn about various cultures and practices using the curriculum provided by UNESCO and using Global citizen Education as a tool to tackle violent extremism and on the following principle:

  • Non- violence
  • Empathy
  • Solidarity for humanity

Picture gallery of pupils of SWW interacting with instructors in their various classes.

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  1. Omoluabi Michael. O.

    This is worth doing every day as i can’t still let my heart go off all the memories and experiences i have even as a facilitator that day. In the world will find ourselves today, it is imperative to dish out in details what Global Citizenship is all about. In the words of Carabain (2012); it is high time we have a shift of emphasis from fighting poverty to “Global Connectedness and from support for development cooperation to Participation”. Carabain view Global Citizenship as the broadening of the concept of Citizenship, since it is still about participation. In addition, Carabain therefore justified the content of “Global Citizenship” by saying it is a concept that is not confined in a particular territory but the one that crosses National Borders. Therefore, no better time than this to instill in the younger one even the adult inclusive that the world is connected and the need to reason as such in our daily deeds.


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