Theme: From Zero to Hero

Date: 10th to 14th April 2017

Location: Camp David, Area 1

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

School Director: Mr. Sanwo Olatunji-David

Grand Patron: Mrs. Abiola Obakin

Guest of Honor: Pst. Ndidi Osakwe


The Easter Vacation Program is organized to teach the poor, vulnerable, underserved and internally displaced children the ways of God according to the Holy Scriptures. They are taught the principles of forgiveness, tolerance, hope, and love which are the pillars of the Doctrine of Christ.

The program started on the 10th of April 2017 with the registration of children and sorting them to their various classes. It was then declared open by Mr. Sanwo Olatunji –David where he introduced the theme of the program; ‘Zero-Hero’; to the children and encouraged the children to be of good behavior and character.

The theme of the program was focused on the life of Joseph and the Memory Verse for the program was from Philippians 4 vs 13 which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

During the lectures, the children were asked to always show courage in challenges of life like joseph did and were given 8 vital life lessons which will be taught across the week.

Begin With A Dream – The first of such lessons was on having a Dream like Joseph did, in which he had a dream that he will be great. The meaning of dreams was explained to the children, the children were asked to say their dreams of which they came up with dreams such as becoming a pilot, doctor, lawyer, banker etc. the children were also shown a film on the life of joseph

Trust God, Not Circumstances – The children were taught of the need to trust in God in all circumstances like joseph did when his brothers conspired and sold him to slavery. He held on to God and he prospered where he was sold to.

Have Integrity – They were also taught on the need to show integrity and resist temptations as in the case of joseph in Potiphar’s house. Temptations were explained to the children, how it comes and the consequences of falling into it. Special attention was also given to sexual immorality, drug abuse and vices common in the camps.

Be God-Dependent – The children were taught about being God-dependent as joseph did in the prison, he knew he had gifts to interpret dreams but he never gave glory to himself but rather to God. The children were encouraged not take credit to themselves for what god has given them the ability but to give credit to God and they shall surely prosper.

Manage Success – The children were taught that when God honors us with success and prosperity, we mustn’t forget to first honor Him and honor others. They learned that even though Joseph was sold into slavery by his family that didn’t stop him from blessing them in a time of desperate need.

Have Humility – The children were taught on showing humility and forgiveness as seen in the story of joseph when he was made the Governor, his brothers came to buy food in Egypt and the remembered the evil that was done to him but he forgave them.

Fully Forgive – They were also encouraged to Set their hearts to forgive those around them as this would not only heal their relationships but will also keep their heart free from bitterness and deep-rooted resentment from the past and also open them up for God’s blessings

Pursue True Prosperity – They were taught that true prosperity comes from glorifying God, through our way of life and not by pursuing material wealth but by pursuing a relationship with God.

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Registration Process in various classes

class 1 cl2 cl3 cl4                           cll                            clll

Bible Sessions in various classes


Morning Fitness: Every morning, after the devotion, all the class mentors engage their students in minor physical fitness exercises to keep the body fit for the day.

sa2 sa3

Film Shows: after every day’s activities the kids gather round to watch movies which further explain the story of Joseph who was our focus character and we all discuss lessons learned and how we can relate it to our daily lives

sa11 _MG_9640sa1

Talent Hunt: We believe every child has God-given talents and just as Joseph, they were all encouraged to dream big and be God-dependent. On Tuesday, 11th of April, Ms. Uzoma of Kapital FM, Radio Nigeria visited to help some of the children explore some of their creative talents. The children were excited to express themselves through singing, and drawings.


Other Activities and Quiz: Asides the daily lessons, the students had other memorable fun class activities like making a drawing of their dream ambition, talks from the Women of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship on integrity and overcoming temptations and from Pastor Femi of Holy Hill Church on the importance of forgiveness. They learned songs, danced and also had quizzes daily in their various classes to which they all performed very well.

_MG_9617 _MG_9626 _MG_9629

Children displaying their various drawings

_MG_9462 fg1fb2

Women of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship; Capital Executive Chapter, sharing words and gifts to the children

 sss _MG_9566 sa33

Pastor Femi of Holy Hill Church interacting with the kids about the importance of humility and forgiveness


  • Women of the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship; Capital Executive Chapter
  • Kapital FM, Radio Nigeria
  • Summit Bible Church
  • Holy Hill Church


There was daily transportation for all students coming from New Kuchigoro daily; every morning to bring them to school and afternoon to take them back home safely. Delicious lunch was provided for all students and class mentors daily, meals and drinks were sufficient for all.

fff food


 Children eating and having fun during lunch 


Monday 326
Tuesday 291
Wednesday 254
Thursday 227
Friday 251


For the closing ceremony of the EVBS 2017 program, Pastor Kunle from the Summit Bible Church gave the opening prayer after which the national coordinator Dr. Mrs. Folake Olatunji-David gave opening speech; where she emphasized all that was taught during the week and the importance of having a dream and forgiveness.

Presentations were made by the pupils of various classes, presentations were made in drama, songs and bible verses recitation. Gifts were given to the outstanding, best behaved and helpful children of the various classes who showed excellence in during the Bible School. Also, the children were engaged In a Bible games were the winners and everyone who participated was given Gifts.

Easter Vacation Bible School was brought to an end with a closing speech, the vote of thanks and prayers by the School Director Mr. Sanwo Olatunji-David.


Pastor Kunle leading Opening Prayer


National Coordinator; Dr. Folake Olatunji-David giving opening remarks

_MG_9696 cs4  cs8

Class Presentations


Bible Games

cs6 cs22

cs66 cs55

Gift Presentations to various outstanding students


 Students of Easter Vacation Bible School


Chairman BOT; Mr Sanwo Olatunji-David, giving closing remarks

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