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School Without Walls Resumes the 2nd Term of the 2016/2017 Session

SWW New Kuchigoro Learning Center striking a pose excitedly while helping arrange school for the new term

After the season of celebration a month of holiday for relaxation, the School Without Walls which is the flagship project and core focus of Life Builders Initiative for Education and Societal Integration; resumed for the 2nd term on the 16th of January,…
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'we are great citizens of Nigeria, We respect and love one another'

In the world we find ourselves today, it is important to teach the young ones and impact the adults with the mindset that we are all one, despite race, color, religion or any other differences. We are basically humans before…
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Rebirth of a Community School Clinic in School Without Walls at New Kuchingoro IDP Camp- By Sabina Onuorah

When ordinary people with extraordinary heart offer their time, energy ,to teach, listen, care, inspire and help the poor, they have unlimited joy and exceed in life. School Without Walls, a flagship project of Life Builders Initiative, is a response to a lack…
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The Activities of School Without Walls on Monday- 16TH MAY 2016 by Onuorah, Sabina

School Without Walls, a flagship project of Life Builders Initiative, is a response to a lack of access to education for out-of-school and vulnerable children displaced by communal clashes and insurgency. The school currently provides education to over 600 children….
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