The Budding leaders summer camp organized by LBI with over 300 hundred children, who are allowed to socialize and make new friends. They also learn new skills and ideas, and are also mentored and educated by professionals from different field.

Producing vibrant, patriotic citizens, equipped for leadership roles in commerce, public service and political sphere locally and internationally. A true Nigerian statesman demonstrating character, integrity and neighborliness

Developing leaders in all sphere of life by training in character, vision and impacting vocational skills useful in the market place

Program Date: August 21st – 25th 2017

Location: Camp David Learning Center, Durumi

Resources Needed:

  • Volunteers to teach the Word of God to the children using manuals provided by LBI
  • Volunteers to assist in the daily running of program
  • Daily feeding of the Children; snacks, juice boxes, soft drinks, water, biscuits
  • Writing materials
  • Graphics Design and printing of banners
  • Daily transportation of children from New Kuchigoro to Camp David and back (buses can be provided or monetary aid)
  • Monetary aid