The children of School Without Walls are not only catered for educationally, but also spiritually, bringing about an all-round development of the kids. In March, 2016 during the Easter Vacation Bible School, themed ‘Joy in Jesus,’ held between 16th to 18th and 21st to 25th for the School Without Walls children at Camp David Area in Area 1 IDP camp, the children were spiritually nourished and instructed to imbibe and uphold the doctrines of forgiveness, tolerance, hope and love as they grow in life.

Then in April 2017, during 10th-14th of April another Easter Vacation Bible School with theme “From Zero to Hero”, the children were trained in the way of the Lord, keying on memory verse Philipian 4:13:’I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. After learning about Joseph the son of Jacob and his heroic conquest in Egypt, his rise from slavery to being next to Pharoah, the children learnt that obedience comes with dividends. And they figured out they could be nurses, doctors, soldier and anything they chose to via Christ who strengthens them.

To teach the children of the underserved the ways of God according to the Holy Scriptures


  • To impact on the children of the underserved the doctrines of faith, forgiveness, hope, tolerance and love which are the Pillars of Doctrine of Christ.
  • The internally displaced person needs food, the internally displaced person needs education, the internally displaced persons needs shelter, and the internally displaced person also needs God.
  • The traumatized internally displaced person needs a strong anchor for his soul -forgiveness, hope, tolerance and love. These are not taught in any school. The Easter Vacation Bible School is a place where the children are taught the doctrines of forgiveness, tolerance, hope and love which are the Pillars of the Doctrine of Christ.

Program Date: April 10th – 14th, 2017

Location: Camp David Learning Center, Durumi

Resource Needed:

  • Volunteers to teach the Word of God to the children using manuals provided by LBI
  • Volunteers to assist in the daily running of program
  • Daily feeding of the Children; snacks, juice boxes, soft drinks, water, biscuits
  • Writing materials
  • Graphics Design and printing of banners
  • Daily transportation of children from New Kuchigoro to Camp David and back (buses can be provided or monetary aid)
  • Monetary aid