• Principle 12 of the UN Guideline and Principles states “that all internally displaced persons have the right to an adequate standard of living. At the minimum, regardless of the circumstances, and without discrimination, competent authorities shall provide internally displaced persons with and ensure safe access to (a) Essential food.”
  • The free meal initiative was introduced into the educational programs package following our findings that some of the children barely have food before coming to school and we know that an empty stomach will not corporate the brain to assimilate studies appropriately.
  • Therefore, Life Builders Initiative not only provides education for the children of the School Without Walls, but provides daily, a free quality meal during the school break hour. In the past, Dr. (Mrs.) Folake Olatunji-David prepared the meals herself while Mr. Sanwo Olatunji-David distributed to the school centers.
  • But as the numbers grew to over 500 and 2 different locations, the meals are now cooked in a clean and safe environment, by trained cooks, with a vehicle and driver dedicated for that purpose only.
  • The meals are distributed at the learning centers with the help of the students of the School Without Walls.

Location: Camp David and New Kuchigoro Learning Centers

Frequency: Every Weekday (Except public holidays)

Resources Needed:

  • It costs approximately N100 per day to feed a child daily at the School Without Walls, we are currently feeding 709 children every day, for 180 days (3 terms of 60 days); which is the whole academic year.

Partnership opportunities, are not limited to, includes

  • Taking up the responsibility of feeding just one child, or a group of children or even a class.
  • We also receive non-monetary donations like food items or fueling vehicles.