• When there is conflict, education is usually considered as the least of the problems of the IDPs, however, in real life scenarios, only the IDP with education will be able to cope after the crisis.
  • For the past two and a half years, Life Builders Initiative has been working to make education available, affordable, accessible and adaptable to the less privileged, the poor and the IDPs in Abuja and its environs.
  • The School Without Walls (SWW) project is the flagship project of LBI and remains the main focus. It is a learning center for children at all levels (from primary to secondary) and vocational training center located in Area 1, Camp David (separate from the IDP Camp Durumi/Area 1) and New Kuchigoro IDP Camp, where the internally-displaced children and other vulnerable children in the neighborhood attend daily.
  • The aim of SWW is to provide access to formal education for the out-of-school internally-displaced children. Currently, over 600 children attend the SWW, with provision of one meal per day for every pupil and access to medical services provided by the NYSC Volunteer doctor, and funded by LBI.
  • In New Kuchingoro, the School Without Walls now provides for over 300 children while in Camp David (Area 1) it provides for over 200 children in an environment that is carefully tailored towards ensuring their academic and moral development. Hence, School Without Walls currently provides education to over 600 children growing and glowing to the glory of God
  • Life Builders Initiative also provides one quality meal on a daily basis to all the pupils.
  • These two locations serve two out of the 7 IDP camps/poor neighborhoods in the FCT
  • Standard Nigerian curriculum is being used to teach
  • We currently have 14 teachers and 10 volunteer teachers.
  • A school clinic has been provided in partnership with a Volunteer Doctor linked to our organization
  • We provide free educational accessories for the students (school uniforms, bags, sandals, exercise books, pencils and biros, drawing books, etc.)



Provide access to formal education to the under-served; poor, less privileged and internally displaced persons in our community to ensure meaningful living.


Enable the integration of the poor, less privileged and internally displaced persons into the society via the means of transferable skills, knowledge and capacities that are developed through education.

Location: Camp David and New Kuchigoro Learning Centers

Frequency: Every Weekday (Except public holidays)

Resources Needed:

  1. School Materials- bags, uniforms, biro, exercise books, shoes, etc.
  2. Classroom furniture
  3. Teachers Volunteer Scheme (TVS)
  4. Teachers Support Scheme (TSS)



  1. Payment of school fees and other welfare fees to
  2. keep IDPs pupils in SWW
  3. Extend tuition to JS1-3 students.
  4. Scholarships to sponsor them to standard and government schools.



  • Expansion of School Without Walls to 4 additional IDP Camps and 4 Settlements in Nasarawa State

It cost approximately N5, 000 (Five Thousand Naira Only) to keep each child in school per term. This includes feeding, clothing, instructional materials, arts and crafts. An individual or family may choose to adopt one or more pupil and make monthly or yearly commitment to supporting their education.

  • Payment of School and Other Fees to keep IDPs in partner schools

We have successfully entered into a unique partnership with a school in Nasarawa State where we are paying the school fees for 300 students (N3, 000 per term), excluding feeding, clothing, instructional materials, arts and crafts. We plan to expand such partnerships; an individual or family can commit to paying such fees for one or more children.

  • Start-up of School Without Walls Vocational School
  • Donation of Educational Materials for the children such as; bags, uniforms, biro, exercise books, shoes, etc.
  • Donation of School Materials such as; Furniture (tables and chairs), White Boards etc.
  • Feed-A-Child a day
  • Training of Teachers and volunteers